Consumer Class Actions

Adkins, Kelston & Zavez, P.C. evaluates and prosecutes class actions nationwide on behalf of consumers, principally against insurance companies, financial institutions and large businesses.  AKZ was founded in 1997 by graduates of Harvard Law School who are experienced litigation attorneys.  AKZ has led the national reform effort on behalf of policyholders against unfair mutual insurance company reorganizations and demutualizations, and has successfully litigated (as lead counsel and/or with other prominent law firms) dozens of consumer class actions nationwide, returning hundreds of millions of dollars to consumers.

Class Actions are based on the idea that there is strength in numbers.  Class Actions allow individuals who would not otherwise be able to bring a lawsuit to do so in order to challenge unfair, unsafe, or illegal practices, and to be compensated for their financial losses.  These cases are brought by individuals who seek court approval to represent many people in a “class” and all of who have been harmed in similar ways by a corporation or government.  Historically, class actions have played a vital role in our society in fighting discrimination in housing, to advance civil rights, to force corporations to make safer products and to return hundreds of billions of dollars to consumers and investors who were defrauded or otherwise injured by corporate wrongdoing.

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