Practice Areas

AKZ works with its clients to protect their legal rights and interests in the following areas:

Food Mislabeling

Food Safety/Mislabeling

Did you realize that you may be buying "healthy" foods or dietary supplements that are actually unhealthy and mislabeled?
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Online Privacy

On-line Privacy

Have you ever been notified that a breach of a corporate computer system occurred putting your personal data at risk?
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Health Problems from Environmental Pollution


Have you ever suffered health problems or property damage from pollution or do you face other environmental harm?
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Legal Care for Seniors

Supporting Seniors

Do you know a Senior who needs help dealing with his or her insurance company or elder care provider?
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Insurance Policy Dividends


Are you certain you are receiving the full amount of life insurance policy dividends owed to you by law?
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Are you aware that a mutual insurance company converting to a stock insurance company should pay compensation to its mutual policyholders as part of that demutualization?
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Mutual Insurance Company

Mutual Insurance

Are you a policyholder of a mutual insurance company or a shareholder of a corporation?
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Are you a business owner or entrepreneur in need of an attorney for transactions beyond your in-house capability? 
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Consumer Class Actions

Class Actions

Want to know more about Class Actions?
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